Wolves of Analytics - A/B testimine, Adobe Analytics, CRO, Google Ad Manager, Müügitunneli planeerimine - Wisestly
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Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and other web analytics related topics from one place. Online team to help you to achieve your company goals!

Google Analytics trainings and teaching;
Conversion tracking and methodology;
User events and goals;
Setup of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and AdWords;
Web analytics monitoring and analyses;
Digital campaigns setup and monitoring;
Full setup of webpage events and goals;
Web video analyses and Heatmaps;
Online business strategies and analyses;
Online users mapping;
Setup of Ecommerce in e-shops (Incl. Enhanced Ecommerce);
Wolves of Analytics Google Analytics Health Check ™;
Documentation, instructions and rules regarding to web analytics best practises (campaign codes, events, social media tracking etc);
Google Analytics connections with other web environments;


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