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I am a UI/UX designer with 4 years of experience in total and 2 years in designing and developing products that people love. User experience is the centre of my career as a designer. I believe in hard work, but not without hard fun.

Detailed-oriented, responsible and committed professional who feels passionate about product designing , data-driven solutions, effective communication and user experience. I am enthusiastic about growing and gaining meaningful experience for my future career and life.

On top of my education, I have enjoyed a great designing journey that enabled me to develop skills and acquire practical and technical knowledge.

On a personal basis, I enjoy travelling worldwide, meeting new people and learning languages. Games and nature are the perfect match for my free time.

I am always willing to strive for what I am passionate about, therefore I educate and drive myself to keep learning, stay focus and never settle.

Contact me:
Gmail -
+372 53648837


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