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I'm a professional filmmaker and photographer with several years of experience working in web video content creation, film production, film directing, advertisement, music videos, and documentaries. After my masters degree in filmmaking (from BFM, as well as from Screen Academy Scotland and Lusofona University in Portugal) I've been living and working in several cities across Europe, therefore I am able to work for different clients, production companies and agencies in Brussels, Paris, Estonia, Spain, etc.

Since 2014, along with other three filmmakers we founded LotusLink, a film/media creation company based in Colombia, and with presence in Los Angeles (USA), aiming at producing film content between Colombia and foreign countries.

I can work on my own on small scale projects, and I can also produce bigger film projects by joining forces with fellow filmmakers and film crew people.

Whether your budget is small or big, I have the necessary strategies to convey the ideas you want to communicate/create on the best possible way. I love to work on projects with strong visual and artistic ideas and that connect with the audiences, and I am always looking forward to be passionate about every single project I get involved with.

Portfoolio social media ads
Alexandra Jane's YouTube channel
Bright Expats Belgium video/photo content
Bravoloto social media ads
On Vacation ads
Tilata School documentary video
RMK ad
Wattablue video ad
Bogota's Urban Space web series pilot


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